Consultation and Medical-Legal evaluation

Dr. Rubinraut’s impressive clinical record together with her unique character and special sensitivity to her patient’s needs places her at the top of Israel’s hand specialists. Her clinical record includes heading the hand and upper limb unit at the lucrative Jonathan Orthopedic Center — Israel’s leading orthopedic clinic (operating within the Assuta private medical center in Tel Aviv). She formerly lead the hand unit at the Kaplan medical center and has had over 20 years of clinical and surgical experience in leading medical centers including UCLH London, Ichilov medical center, Tel Hashomer Medical Center, and Barzilay.

Dr. Rubinraut’s practical services also include:

First and Second Opinions

First and second opinions on all cases related to the upper limb, always with the interest of the patient and his/her medical condition in mind.

When it comes to surgery, many patients look for an expert first or second opinion from different professionals. Dr. Rubinraut is committed to providing unbiased and honest opinions as a result of screening processes of the disease in question. Her expertise is vast when it comes to hand-related conditions and diseases, allowing her to properly diagnose and provide flawless first and second medical opinions to patients who seek them.

Medical Evaluation Letters

To prove fitness for duty, disabilities, workers comp, trial preparation, medical evaluation letters are required by different organizations such as insurance companies and different legal procedures. Dr. Rubinraut provides proper screening and diagnosis facilities for all types of hand-related diseases. Her legal medical evaluations are extremely direct and thorough, addressing all concerns of the person or organization in question.